About Us

New York Loves Me is VIctoria Koujman. Victoria was born in Russia, grew up in New York and currently resides in Bushwick Brooklyn.  Since she was twenty, she has been experimenting  using silkscreen and spray paint.  She has participating in TOAST (Tribeca Open Studios Artist Studio), and collaborated with other graffiti artists on projects at the recently demolished Five Points.

Vicktoria's vision is a combination of the austere but striking soviet iconography she grew up with and the vibrant NYC street art she was immersed in as a teenager.  She enjoys using bold blocks of color, visual puns, words, and social commentary. Above all, her prints capture the experience of living in New York City- the ready accessibility of classic art, the overload of psychic energy, the passion, and the struggle.  Victoria builds and burns her own silkscreens, in order to create spontaneous, unpredictable effects. She also carves her own stencils by hand.  Her prints reference fine art, literature and film,
  Subway and bicycle maps are her preferred canvas.  They are both resilient and have a utilitarian beauty specific to urban areas. 

 In 2003 she launched New York Loves Me a collective made up of Brooklyn based artists.  Since then she has traveled the world sharing her art with others.  Her chosen home of New York and the people who inhabit it are what inspires her most.