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Brooklyn Bridge has always been one of my favorite spots in New York City. To this day it's one of the most magnificent structures in America. Built in 1883, before cars were invented, it features a beautiful promenade, where you can leisurely walk or ride your bike from Brooklyn to Manhattan. You can soak in the explosive view of the skyline without interruptions. No other bridge comes close, they are full of dirt, cars, noise, and tiny walkways. No other bridge creates the feeling of being magically suspended in the air above the Hudson River.

In my art piece (Brooklyn Bridge)I wanted to recreate that feeling of space and suspension. I decided instead of doing a skyline view, I would recreate the very heart of it, the arc that holds with ease the steel wires, that stretch like guitar strings.

This is a large silk screen that fills the entire New York City Bike Map, which is 24 by 34 inch. It's done with black ink. I have tried other ones, but I found the black to be most effective. It was a difficult screen for it had a lot of lines, many of which are thin and are often hard to produce, since the process of silk screening is so sensitive. But it came out fantastic and I couldn't been happier!


Acrylic, multiple Silk screens, spray paint.


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Real, Dated, NYC Subway Map: 24 by 32 inches

Real, Dated, NYC Bike Map: 24 by 36 inches

Stretched Canvas:

Raw Canvas: You can pick any size in a private email!

All sizes are standard, so it makes it incredibly easy to find a frame if you decide on it.


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